What happens when many of web3-crypto averse global tourists come together? Well, here's a story about what is set to become the standard for future tourism business... In the beginning of 2023, we (around 10,000 intrepid Tourists) agree to found The Bali Dancer Community. Then, guided by 3 beautiful Dancers (Ni Luh, Dewi and Egi), we'll dive deep into the other unknown side of Bali. And we call it: The Bali Metaverse.

At first, this metaverse is a virgin landscape, where white beaches merge into mountains with structured rice fields in between. In a short time, beach clubs, night clubs, restaurants, cafes and spas emerge. Many of them can be visited both inside the metaverse and the real Bali island (in real life/ IRL). They're all connected.

Many of those IRL places, especially the high-end ones, will have privileged bookings and even discounts. There will be many cool IRL events exclusive to The Bali Dancer Community. We'll gather often, and get to know each other right away. Have fun, we will.

Gaming, events, jobs, relationships, and many interesting things will happen inside this mixed reality of The Bali Metaverse and the real Bali Island. We will each be given a plot of land in the metaverse to become our homes. Or our own tourism spots. Moreover, we'll host for more than 100,000 other global tourists who'll become citizens in the near future.

Afterward, all of us will govern ourselves as a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO), and blend into the global metaverse by following