Bali Dancer NFT is a membership card that is in the form of a digital asset, which curates the premium beach clubs, the hottest night clubs as well as the best restaurants, caf├ęs and spas for you to experience on your Bali visit.

As Bali Dancer digital card holder, you will have privileged bookings, access to exclusive events, special discounts and more at those places. In the next few months, the Bali Dancer community will reach more than 8,000 explorers from all corners of the world and have community building activities through Discord, Instagram, Twitter, FB and TikTok social media.

Enjoying Bali with Bali Dancer will enhance your holiday experience. Bali Dancer concierge service will help you with easy access to those premium places. The Bali Dancer community activities will allow you to gather with like-minded explorers from your country and other countries all over the world.

The NFT project is driven by the community and strives to showcase the traditional local wisdom and culture of Bali alongside the contemporary experiences that can be found on the island.

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